Reintegration assistance is a vital component of the VARRE programme which aims to support returning migrants by providing opportunities for employment, skills development and training, education, and income-generating activities. Tailored reintegration packages aim to promote returnee self-sufficiency after return.

The in kind reintegration assistance is provided to you based on your own skills, needs and qualifications and also taking into account the socio-economic conditions in your home country. 

The Reintegration Assistance process
  1. Before you leave Estonia, IOM staff will discuss the reintegration options available to you and prepare an Individual Reintegration Plan (IRP). Reintegration is in-kind support (in the form of material goods and services – not in cash) provided to you according to an approved IRP.
  2. As you leave Estonia, you will be given the contact details of the IOM office in your country.
  3. After your return you need to contact the local IOM office. The timeframe to contact the local IOM office is usually within 2 months after your arrival in order to plan how to use your Reintegration support. 

    Together with IOM you decide how best to use your Reintegration Assistance. You can use Reintegration support in order to:

    - Start up a small business (IOM can assist in the implementation of income generating activities);

    - Join educational courses (if you return with children – reintegration can be used for education fees and related costs for children);

    - Attend professional training (IOM can pay for vocational training courses (computing, hairdressing, plumbing, etc);

    - Look for a work placement (IOM can cover costs relating to the acquisition of information on employment opportunities, for instance, through employment agencies).

  4. Your finalized IRP will be sent by the IOM office in your country to IOM Estonia for final approvals.

  5. After you start to use your Reintegration support, your local IOM office can contact you to learn from you how this support has helped you and to hear your views on how the IOM service could be improved.

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