The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has worked in Estonia for 20 years.  Together with the launch of IOM’s new global Strategic Plan for 2024-2028, IOM Estonia will develop its country strategy in 2024.

Throughout the 20 years, the work of the Estonian office of IOM has been focused on counter-trafficking campaigns, integration activities, helping migrants to return to their home countries, training of Estonian officials and NGOs, and public awareness raising. IOM has also developed the national cultural orientation programme that has enabled thousands of refugees to start rebuilding their lives in Estonia.

While we continue to assist migrants unable to stay in Estonia and wishing to return to their countries of origin, since 2022 we have also been actively engaged in helping those who have fled the Russian full-fledged war against Ukraine. IOM Estonia has offered direct assistance to Ukrainians in the form of cash, food and clothing items, as well as transportation tickets for those in transit. Our case managers help check and provide assistance tor vulnerable persons, provide referrals for health checks if necessary and offer temporary accommodation in case of need. 

In the social inclusion, IOM Estonia offers a trainings to refugees and locals alike. These include psychosocial support trainings for first responders (police officials, border guards, social workers, child protection specialists, teachers) and focused orientation courses on various topics for both Ukrainian adults and children, to name a few. We conduct activity days for Ukrainian kids in schools and organize camps with locals to support their inclusion in Estonian society.

Since March 2023, we continuously map the needs and intentions of Ukrainian refugees in Estonia using IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). IOM is also working to improve migrants’ access to healthcare in Estonia in collaboration with World Health Organisation.


Kari Käsper 

Head of Office 

Mr. Kari Käsper assumed the position of Head of Office at IOM Estonia in November 2023. He has 17 years of experience in European law, human rights, and migration management. Before joining IOM, He served as an Associate Legal Officer for four years at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Representation for the Nordic and Baltic countries in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, he held a position as a Lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology, where he taught Human Rights and European Law for over 11 years. He also founded and led the Estonian Human Rights Centre. 

Kari Käsper holds a master’s degree in European Union, International, and Comparative Law from Tallinn University of Technology. 

Phone: +372 5688 2819 


Aleksandr Aidarov

Program Coordinator


Aleksandr Aidarov works as a program coordinator at IOM Estonia. With significant prior experience over 20 years as a ministerial policy adviser (Estonian integration policy and R&D policy), researcher (integration and cultural policy), and startup founder (the Estonian language acquisition among migrants).  

Aleksandr Aidarov holds a Ph.D. in public administration from Tallinn University of Technology 

Maria Jefanov

Senior Resources Management Assistant 

Martin Dislis         

Project Assistant – Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration 

Focal point for Counter-Trafficking 

Phone: +372 5696 3776 


Larissa Jürgenson  

Administrative and Finance Assistant 

Phone: + 372 56 880 907 


Anne Maisvee 

Integration & Inclusion Lead 

Phone: +372 56 963 778 


Minna Kilumets 

Project Assistant – Migrant Training and Integration 

Phone: +372 5681 6628 


Muhammad Saqib 

Operations Assistant – Movements (Ukraine response and AVRR) 

Focal point for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) 


Vitali Hainatski  

Project Assistant – Case management (Ukraine response) 

Focal point for SCAAN Enhancing Staff Security 

Phone: +372 5625 8169 


Alla Zakharchuk 

Senior Reporting Associate  

Phone: +372 5681 6163 


Alexey Khizov  

Project Assistant – Case management in Narva (Ukraine response) 

Phone: +372 5621 0639