How does it work?

  1. Contact IOM Estonia: Tel: +372 677 8700; Mob: +372 5696 3776  Address: Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn E-mail: or                                                                                                                 
  2. Obtain all the information that you need.
  3. Make your decision to return with VARRE.
  4. Apply for Voluntary Return and Reintegration support. Find more information on the How to apply link.
  5. Plan your travel together with IOM.
  6. Travel for free to your final destination.
  7. Use Reintegration support.

How to Apply

You can apply for assistance through the VARRE programme if you are not a citizen of EEA countries (European Union countries, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland).
The services are free of charge.
Contact IOM office
Tel: +372 611 6088; Mob: +372 562 33083
Address: Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn
E-mail: or   

You can download the English/Russian Application Form. Please bring the completed Application Form with you to our office (IOM can also help you fill in the form if needed).

Application Form

Feedback Form

Travel documents

The first thing you need is a valid travel document. If you have a travel document which is out of date, or no documents, IOM can support you to apply for a new travel document from your Embassy, covering the cost of your travel document. 
The time frame for the return depends on various factors such as obtaining travel documents, availability of commercial flights and any special needs to be taken into consideration for the return travel.

Travel planning

IOM will talk to you about when you would like to travel and will do its best to arrange travel at a time that suits you.
IOM will let you know before you travel, how much baggage the airline will allow you to carry. It is your responsibility to ensure your baggage is within the allowance. Any excess baggage will be your own responsibility.
Travel: An IOM staff member will meet you on the day of travel. IOM will provide you with your airline tickets, help you with the check-in and assist you to your boarding gate.
Transit assistance: Passengers travelling with the VARRE programme are provided with assistance at their transit airport. IOM assistance means you don't need a transit visa, however IOM would need to inform the authorities in transit about your movement.
Arrival assistance: Most passengers do not require IOM assistance upon arrival but in some situations arrival assistance at the airport can provide much needed support. This assistance will be agreed upon during the pre-travel phase.

„The project „Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme from Estonia“ is co-funded by the European Union Asylum, Integration and Migration Fund and the Ministry of the Interior“.“

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