The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Estonia has stepped up efforts in response to the growing needs of Ukrainians and third-country nationals (TCNs) who were forced to flee Ukraine due to the ongoing war in the country by providing:

  • Assistance for Ukrainian refugees’ movements: 
    -IOM provides information on destination country and travel assistance to vulnerable Ukrainian war refugees, who wish to join their families of relatives elsewhere;
    -Provides pre-travel accommodation and other services that might be needed;
    -Provides counselling on safe travel and personal wellbeing.
  • Support to communities: IOM provides support and collaborates with volunteers’ and community organizations who directly contribute to inclusion and well-being of Ukrainian refugees. 
  • Social inclusion: Together with partners, IOM has organized activities targeting adaptation of Ukrainian children and teenagers to Estonian society, as well as capacity building events for teachers, social workers and frontline responders. 
Narva Office

Narva OfficeThe services provided include:

  •  * Information and travel assistance to vulnerable Ukrainian war refugees who are in transit through Estonia;
  •  * Communication with local NGOs and community centers who directly contribute to inclusion and well-being of Ukrainian refugees;
  •  * Counselling on safe travel and personal wellbeing. 


IOM Narva Info Point is located at Peetri 3, room No. 17

Open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 Tel. +372 5621 0639 //








General Information

People coming to Estonia from Ukraine can find information on the Estonia police and boarder guard website regarding application of temporary protection and international protection.   

    The relevant pages of the Estonian Social Insurance Board (SKA) and the Ministry of the Interior provide further information. 

    The website has collected important information on entry and residence for people fleeing Ukraine, including housing, work permits, education etc. 

    Information on medical care and health insurance in Estonia can be found on Haigekassa website.

    Hotlines and Counseling

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) offers information and support via hotlines in Ukraine and the neighboring countries. The numbers are available on the IOM global website or on homepage 

    State  Services:

    • State Helpline: call 1247 or +600 1247 (calling from abroad) for counselling in several languages, including Ukrainian and Russian. 
    • Victim support helpline 116 006. 
    • When calling from abroad: +372 614 7393. 
    • Abandoning violence helpline +372 660 6077. 
    • Estonian Victim Support Website: Ohvriabi 
    • Children Help: Lasteabi  call 116111